Dr. Durbhakula & Johns Hopkins Featured on NPR

Don’t miss this excellent report from NPR: How To Teach Future Doctors About Pain In The Midst Of The Opiod Crisis “Pain Rounds” creator and host Dr. Shravani Durbhakula directs an introductory course on pain management for medical students at Johns Hopkins University as communities throughout the country grapple with the opioid crisis. Medical students learn […]

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Pain Rounds featured by ASRA

This is the first of a series of neuromodulation video "curriculum" created and hosted by Shravani Durbhakula, MD, director of pain education at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, that features many recognized experts in pain medicine.  The video topics are based on the results of a needs-based assessment that was administered to both fellowship directors and graduating fellows, which […]

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SCS Education in Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine

Don’t miss this great new article on SCS education — this is exactly why we are producing “Pain Rounds with Dr. D”: Spinal cord stimulator education during pain fellowship: unmet training needs and factors that impact future practice.

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